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Wooden Models

Wooden Models

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Solar Powered Wind Turbine
R 88.00
Don't tell your teacher about this one! build it and decorate it and use it as a school project. ..
Artesania Latina - Sanson
The Sanson wooden ship model accurately recreates the real life ship with the finest detail. The ..
Artesania Latina - San Francisco II Cross-Section
A HISTORICAL MODEL: SECTION OF SAN FRANCISCO GALLEON Build this incredible section of the Spanish..
Artesania Latina - Virginia American Schooner 1819
The Virgina was designed in 1819 and launched that same year. Also know as "schooners", these boa..
Mechanical Tractor
- Mechanical gears,with detailed designs,stylish,high-quality 3D wooden puzzle,are operated by wi..