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3.7g CYS S0307 Servo (1)
R 87.00
Modulation: Analog Torque: 4.2V: 6.94 oz-in (0.50 kg-cm) 5.0V: 11.11 oz-in (0.80 kg-cm) S..
CYS S0110 Servo (1)
R 255.00
Specifications Modulation: Analog standard Torque: 6.0V: 11 kg-cm, 7.4V: 12 kg-cm) Sp..
CYS S3003 Servo (1)
R 115.00
Specifications Modulation: Analog Torque: 4.8V: 41.66 oz-in (3.00 kg-cm) 6.0V: 48.61 oz-i..
CYS S3027 Servo (1x)
R 215.00
Specifications Modulation: Digital Standard Torque: 6.0V: 3.00 kg-cm\ 7.4V: 3.50 kg-cm) ..
CYS-S0005 5g Analog Servo (Plastic Gears)
R 85.00
SIZE:21.5x11.8x20.9mm WEIGHT:5g SPEED:0.12sec/60°@6.0V VO..
CYS-S0009 - 9gram servo - plastic gear
R 80.00
CYS S0009 Analog 4.8V - 6.0V Torque: 1.2kg - 1.5kg 9g servo ..
CYS-S0009A - 9gram servo - metal gear
R 146.00
Specifications Modulation: Analog Torque: 4.8V: 1.30kg-cm  6.0V: 1.50 kg-cm Spee..
FrSky D25MA Digital SBUS Slim Wing Servo (Metal Gear) 2.6kg/.12sec/22g
R 550.00
The FrSky SBUS slim wing servo is the perfect partner for your FrSky SBUS system. This servo ..
FrSky D25SA MG HV SBUS/SBUS 11 Digital Metal Cased Mini Servo 3.2kg/0.05sec/22g
R 550.00
An excellent quality metal geared, metal cased, high speed, high voltage servo that is SBUS/PWM c..
Frsky D50SA 6.5Kg Metal Digital Servo for RC Multicopter SBUS/PWM/CPPM Support
R 800.00
Frsky D50SA 6.5Kg Metal Digital Servo for RC Multicopter SBUS/PWM/CPPM Support The D25SA and ..
HK-5320 Ultra-Micro Digital Servo 1.7g / 0.05sec / 0.075kg
R 96.00
HK-5320 Ultra-Micro Digital Servo    Spec. Weight: 1.7g Speed: 0.07sec 60deg @..
HKS-9257 High Speed Servo 4.5kg/ 25g/ 0.07sec
R 210.00
HKS-9257 is a high speed, high torque digital servo, Suitable for HK500/Align Trex..
Hyperion Atlas DS16-FCD Digital Servo
R 436.00
These are simply the best servos you can buy at any price, and a great value too. Perfect cen..
Servo Tester
R 80.00
Used to check servo function and to centre servo while setting up Specs: Voltage Input:&nbs..
TGY-D1290P High Speed Micro Servo 0.35kg/0.07s/2.9g
R 137.00
Micro digital servo. Precise, jitter free response for small&nbs..
Turnigy T541BBD High Torque Nano Digital Servo 0.7kg / 4.7g / 0.09Sec
R 169.00
This is a great little Turnigy High torque Nano Digital servo. Great for small indoor or par..
BMS-616DMG+HS Digital Buggy Servo (MG) 10.2kg / .12sec / 46.5g
BMS-616DMG+HS Super Strong Digital Servo for bugggy  (Metal Gear)10.2kg / .12sec / 46.5g..
CYS S3001 Servo (1)
SIZE:28.3x13.3x29.7mm WEIGHT:17g SPEED:0.10sec/60°@6.0V
CYS S3006 Servo (1)
Specifications Modulation: Analog Torque: 6.0V: 5.50 kg-cm ,7.4V: 6.0kg-cm Speed: 6.0..
HXT 10kg Servo (metal gear) 55g / 10kg / .16sec
Torque Rate: 10KG Speed: .16sec/60deg Input: 5~7v Type: Digital Gearing: Metal Weight: ..
HXT500 5g / .8kg / .10sec Micro Servo
Size : 22.9x11.4x22 mm / 0.9x0.45x0.87 in  Voltage : 3v ~ 6v&nbs..
HXT900 9g / 1.6kg / .12sec Micro Servo
HXT900, one of the most famous and the best value micro servos av..
RC Servo Signal Reverser Rotation Inverter
- Working voltage: 5.0-6.0V - Current: 2A Size Chart: Length: Approx. 12.6cm/4.96inch..