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FrSky 4-Channel S.BUS to PWM Decoder
R 245.00
The FrSky S.BUS to PWM Decoder allows you to use any standard analog or digital servos with your ..
FrSky Air Speed Sensor - High Precision (ASS100)
R 1,211.00
FrSky Smart Port Air Speed Sensor ASS-100, high Precision, is designed for FrSky Smart Port enabl..
FrSky Battery Voltage Sensor - FrSky Telemetry System.
R 60.00
FrSky Battery Voltage Sensor - FrSky telemetry system accesory. ..
FrSky FAS-40 Ampere Telemetry Sensor (Max 40A)
R 349.00
The FrSky FAS-40 Ampere Sensor is a great device for real-time monitoring of your model's power s..
FrSky FCS-150A Current Sensor w/Smart Port
R 614.00
The FrSky FCS-150A is a current measuring sensor for applications drawing up to 150 amps! Simple ..
FrSky FLD-02 Telemetry Display Screen
R 535.00
FrSky FLD-02 Telemetry Display Screen Specifications: Model: FLD-02 Compatibility:..
FrSky FSH-01 Telemetry Sensor Hub
R 339.00
FrSky Sensor Hub (FSH-01)   FrSky Sensor Hub is recommended to connect digital side po..
FrSky Mounting Stand for DHT-U/FLD-02
R 99.00
The FrSky Mounting Stand for DHT-U/FLD-02 telemetry screens attaches to the rear transmitter..
FrSky S.BUS Servo Channel Changer
R 315.00
The FrSky Servo Channel Changer is a tool designed for setting the channel of FrSky S.BUS & C..
FrSky S.Port Connecter
R 50.00
By using the FrUSB-3 cable, the SPC could upgrade the firmware on all Smart Port enabled products..
FrSky S.Port Dashboard
R 535.00
FrSky S.Port Dashoard Monitor Click to enlarge FrSky S.Port Dashoard Monitor Price : $54.99USD ..
FrSky S.Port To UART Converter (With 2 ADC Ports)
R 636.00
The FrSky S.Port to UART Converter supports a link with external analog devices via two ADC ports..
FrSKY SBUS to CPPM Decoder
R 320.00
FrSKY SBUS to CPPM Decoder  Converts the SBUS signal into CPPM without the need for any..
FrSky Telemetry Receiver upgrade USB/Serial lead interface
R 80.00
FrSky D series Telemetry Receiver Upgrade (light) FrSky Telemetry Receiver&nbs..
FrSky TEMS-01 Telemetry Temperature Sensor
R 85.00
  FrSky TEMS-01 Telemetry Temperature Sensor (for use with FrSky Telemetry Sensor H..
FrSky Current Sensor 40A w/ Smart Port
The FrSky Smart Port Current Sensor has been designed to work with FrSky Smart Port systems, it c..
FrSky RPM Telemetry sensor w/ Smart Port
  Smart Port RPM Sensor with 2 Temperature Sensors   ..