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1/48 Swordfish Photo-Etched Wing Struts
R 158.00
All biplanes rely on support wires to ensure overall aircraft rigidity. This Photo-Etched Parts S..
Alligator Clip for Paint Stand (4)
R 68.00
Handy clips for holding newly cemented or painted parts. These can be used together with the..
Aqua Colour Basic (Primer)
R 57.00
Aqua Colour Basic (Primer) ..
Artesania 30mm Spring Clamps (6 pieces)
R 96.00
30mm Spring Clamps (6 pieces) ..
Artesania Hand Drill
R 168.00
Artesania Hand Drill - Very useful for drilling tiny holes when building wooden model ships or pl..
Artesania Needle Nose Pliers & Flat Long Pliers
R 117.00
Note: this is a set of two Pliers, one long needle nose and one normal needle nose pliers. ..
Artesania Plank Bender for Wooden Boats
R 142.00
This tool will go a long way to simplify plank bending on your wooden boat model. Have a look..
R 301.00
Airbrushing is probably the most sophisticated method of applying colour to a surface. Perfect co..
Braided Hose - 2.0mm Outer Diameter
R 65.00
Model detail parts are essential to making a car or motorcycle model stand out. This braided hose..
Braided Hose - 2.6mm Outer Diameter
R 65.00
Model detail parts are essential to making a car or motorcycle model stand out. This braided hose..
Braided Tubing/M
R 17.00
Megamide 1M braided tubing, perfect for protecting exposed wiring, tidying up an installation etc..
Brass Wire 1mm (3m)
R 50.00
Brass wire for modelling use. Used to make brake lines in undercarriage wells or to simulate copp..
Cable 0.5mm OD (Black)
R 46.00
This cable features a wire core in vinyl casing. It’s great for reproducing the various piping an..
Decal Adhesive (Softener) 10ml
R 55.00
This product both softens decals and improves their adhesion to the target surface, also helping ..
Decal Adhesive 10ml
R 55.00
This is Tamiya decal adhesive. It is perfect for giving adhesive power to decals which have sat t..
Hands Free Magnifier Glasses
R 185.00
Problems seeing those tiny details on your model build? Heres a solution for you that wont br..
Kolibri Paint Brush Size -0 to Size 06
R 9.00
Artist/ Watercolour Brush. Made from Pony Hair Sizes and Prices : -0 -  R13-00 00 ..
Magnifying Glass with Adjustable Clips
R 142.00
A magnifying glass for older model builders with  slightly fading eyesight or maybe just for..
Mark Fit Decal Setting Solution
R 42.00
Mark Fit enables perfect decal applications. It softens decals so they can easily fit to uneven, ..
Night Colour 30ml
R 78.00
'Revell Night Color' is a phosphorescent luminous paint for spooky light effects in the dark. ..
Paint Brush Size 2/0 to Size 12
R 7.00
Artist/ Watercolour Brush. ..
Palette 17cm Round
R 12.00
Price is per unit. Paint mixing palette for mixing watercolour or any other paints.  ..