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1:72 Scale

1:72 Scale

Plastic Aircraft, Ships, etc in 1:72 scale

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1/ 72 F-89D/J Scorpion
R 310.00
The F-89D/J Scorpion was the first two-seat all weather interceptor in the USAF and the most heav..
1/ 72 Fairey Gannet T.5
R 235.00
"The Fairey Gannet was created for a United Kingdom late World War Two requirement for a ship bas..
1/ 72 Sukhoi T-50
R 270.00
In August 2011 at the Russian International Air Show (MAKS), a pure Stealth Fighter-Bomber for th..
1/72   Airbus A400M "GRIZZLY"
R 1,280.00
The A400M was developed by Airbus to be a replacement for the C-130 Hercules. It made its inaugu..
1/72   C-54D Skymaster
R 1,145.00
The legendary C-54 was used for intercontinental transport operations and set numerous records. S..
1/72   Vickers Wellington Mk2
R 500.00
Description Nothing 'Wimpy' about it Nicknamed the 'Wimpy' after the popular 'Popeye' charact..
1/72  B-17F Memphis Belle
R 660.00
The "Memphis Belle" was delivered to the 324th Bomber Squadron on July 15, 1942 wher she became t..
1/72  Gloster Meteor Mk.4
R 241.00
The Gloster Meteor was the first jet powered fighter aircraft to enter service with the RAF. From..
1/72 A-10 A/C Thunderbolt II - Gulf War
R 265.00
The A-10 Thunderbolt II was developed by Fairchild Republic in the seventies with the purpose to ..
1/72 A-10 Warthog
R 225.00
Low, slow but heavily armed. The A10 "tank buster" is a ground support aircraft with anti-tank sp..
1/72 A-6E Tram Intruder - Super Decal Sheet Included
R 273.00
The A-6 Intruder entered service in the mid-60s as ground attack carrier based aircraft to replac..
1/72 Agusta-109 K2 Rega Helicopter
R 248.00
The Swiss Air-Rescue Rega is the largest air rescue organisation in Switzerland. It brings emerge..
1/72 AH-1W Super Cobra
R 141.00
Based on the helicopter design Bell AH 1 Huey Cobra which was used in great numbers in Vietnam, B..
1/72 AH-1W Super Cobra
R 177.00
The Bell AH-1W Super Cobra used by the US Marines is an upgraded navalized version of the "Huey C..
1/72 AH-58D Kiowa Warrior (MS)
R 209.00
Product Description Scale 1 : 72 Model Set Box Size (mm) 290 X 190 X 45 Country - Uni..
1/72 Antonov An-2
R 273.00
This Soviet – engine utility aircraft has probably been built in larger numbers than any other pl..
1/72 Antonov An-2 Colt
R 299.00
The An-2 is the largest single engine bi-plane in the world. With a total production of about 185..
1/72 Arado Ar 196 A-3
R 143.00
Brand: Revell Title: Arado Ar 196 A-3 Number: 03994 Scale: 1:72 Type: Full kit ..
1/72 Avro Lancaster Mk. I/III
R 452.00
Specs: - Surface details with recessed panel lines - Detailed cockpit with instrument panel a..
R 655.00
During the Second World War the Boeing B-17 became a synonym for the heavily armed strategic bomb..
1/72 B-52G Stratofortress - Gulf War 25th Anniversary
R 819.00
The B-52 Stratofortress is the most famous long range jet-powered strategic bomber in the aviatio..
1/72 BAe Harrier GR7A/GR9A
R 360.00
The GR9 entered service in October 2006 as an updated and improved version of the already very su..
R 240.00
Replica model of the Hawk T.1 flown by the Red Arrows the famous RAF aerobatic team. - a full..
1/72 Battle of Rorke's Drift - Diorama Set
R 899.00
Rorke's Drift was a British garrison located between the colony of Natal and the Zulu Kingdom. In..
1/72 Battlefield Accessory Set
R 210.00
Scale 1 : 72 Pices Number 108 ..