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1:48 Scale

1:48 Scale

Plastic Models of Ships, Aircraft etc in 1:48 scale

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1/ 48 C-45F Expeditor
R 466.00
Model representation of the USAF C-45 military transport aircraft that saw service during and unt..
1/ 48 Mil Mi-24D Hind
R 540.00
Description Flying "tanks" Mil Mi-24D helicopters, Hinds, are truly one of a kind. They a..
R 360.00
"History" from a review by Geoff Coughlin (
1/ 48 Roland C.II
R 466.00
Description Revolutionary recon One of the most ingenious aircraft of the First World War, th..
1/35 Pz.Kpfw.V Panther Ausf.G Late
R 520.00
The "Panther" was definitely one of the most famous tanks of World War II. Developed as a direct ..
1/48 AB 212 / UH 1N
R 356.00
The UH-1N was developed from a project of the US based Bell Helicopter company at the end of the ..
1/48 AD-4W Skyraider
R 496.00
SUPER DECALS SHEET FOR 4 VERSIONS The Douglas Skyraider was manufactured immediately after W..
1/48 AD-6 Skyraider
R 331.00
Piston-powered and combat-tough. The tough and versatile A-1 Skyraider was among the final piston..
1/48 AH-1W Super Cobra
R 355.00
Based on the helicopter design Bell AH 1-Huey Cobra which was used in great numbers in Vietnam, B..
1/48 AH-64 / WAH-64D Longbow Apache
R 435.00
Description The AH-64D Longbow Apache is currently the most advanced, versatile and powerfull..
1/48 AH-64D Longbow Apache "100 Years Military Aviation"
R 425.00
Product Description This item is an injection-plastic aircraft model kit. From the Revell..
1/48 AH1-Cobra
R 258.00
The Bell AH-1 Cobra is a two-blade, single engine attack helicopter manufactured by Bell Helicopt..
1/48 AH1W - Super Cobra
R 414.00
Description Heavy hitting heli For taking out highly mobile armored targets, there's nothing ..
1/48 Autoblinda AB43
R 145.00
The AB 43 armoured car is an evolution from the previous AB 40 and 41 models. Equipped with a new..
1/48 Bell UH-1C/B Huey "Hog"
R 225.00
The Bell UH-1 Iroquois - better know as the Huey - gained fame when it was used by the American f..
1/48 Brick Wall, Sand Bag and Barricade Set
R 132.00
Product Description This kit assists modelers in recreating fortified positions and urban bat..
1/48 Bristol Beaufighter TF.Mk.X
R 413.00
Making use of its sturdy construction and ample weaponry, the RAF's multipurpose Bristol Beaufigh..
1/48 British 7 ton Armored Car Mk. IV
R 281.00
The model accurately recreates the form of the 7ton armored car with its distinctive sloped armor..
1/48 British Crusader Mk.III Cruiser Tank Mk.VI
R 382.00
In the 1930's a British mission observed the field maneuvers of the Russian army and were impress..
1/48 British Light Utility Car 10HP
R 231.00
Product Description Tilly was the name given to British Small Staff Cars coming from the word..
1/48 British Sherman IC Firefly
R 340.00
Product Description About the British Sherman IC Firefly As Britain struggled to develop ..
1/48 British Universal Carrier Mk.II
R 215.00
During World War II, British and Commonwealth armies used a vast number of small sized, fully tra..
1/48 Chance Vought F4U-1/2 Bird Cage Corsair
R 323.00
Designed around the new Pratt & Whitney R-2800 2,000HP radial engine, and turning the largest..
1/48 De Havilland Mosquito FB Mk.VI/NF Mk.II
R 415.00
The de Havilland "Mosquito" was constructed out of wood and based on "high-speed bomber shaking o..
1/48 DeHavilland Mosquito B Mk.IV / PR Mk.IV
R 390.00
The versatile Mosquito stood with the Spitfire fighter and Lancaster bomber and earned the respec..