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1:35 Scale

1:35 Scale

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1/ 35 T-14 Armata Main Battle Tank
R 750.00
Widely considered the world’s most advanced main battle tank, Russia’s T-14 features a sophistica..
1/35 15cm Panzerwerfer 42 auf SWS
R 492.00
The Schwerer Wehrmachtschlepper (sWS) was developed as a medium half-track and used to transport ..
1/35 2cm Flak Crew with Sd.Ah.51 two-wheeled trailer (4 Figures Set)
R 133.00
These four figures are clad in typical Luftwaffe field blouses, trousers, and wearing marching bo..
1/35 AHN & Flak 37
R 596.00
Product Description The AHN truck was a French-designed vehicle that was taken on and produce..
1/35 British Chieftain Mk.V Tank
R 260.00
The Chieftain Tank is one of the best known of the present generation of battlefield weapons, and..
1/35 British Light Utility Car 10HP
R 364.00
British forces used passenger car chassis, during WWII, as the basis for pick-up style military v..
1/35 BTR-70 Russian Personnel Carrier with MA-7 Turret
R 320.00
The BTR-70 is an eight-wheeled armored personnel carrier (BTR stands for Bronetransportyor) origi..
1/35 Centurion Mk.III
R 385.00
This 1/35 scale assembly kit model depicts the British Army Centurion tank. The Centurion was des..
1/35 Command Post
R 126.00
1/35 Commando Car
R 167.00
Much work was carried out in the USA and Britain to design special airborne vehicles to drop behi..
1/35 Cromwell Mk.IV Cruiser
R 465.00
Prior to the outbreak of WWII, Britain relied heavily on military alliance with France. It was fe..
1/35 French Light Tank AMX-13
R 660.00
"This is a 1/35 scale model recreating the French AMX-13 light tank. The tank employed an oscilla..
1/35 French Main Battle Tank Leclerc Series 2
R 710.00
The Leclerc is in service with the French Army and the army of the United Arab Emirates. In produ..
1/35 German 18 Ton Half-Track FAMO
R 961.00
Product Description Tamiya 1/35 German 18 ton Heavy Half-Track "FAMO" In the wake of Blit..
1/35 German 3 Ton 4x2 Cargo Truck
R 434.00
Product Description The German army in WWII used a wide variety of wheeled vehicles as part o..
1/35 German 88mm Flak 36 Gun (North Africa)
R 517.00
The 88mm Flak 36 Gun was powerful enough to penetrate the armor of Allied tanks such as the Matil..
1/35 German 88mm Gun Flak 36/37
R 250.00
This famous weapon is well known for its role in World War II where It was used in an anti-tank a..
1/35 German Africa Corps Luftwaffe Artillery Crew
R 150.00
Product Description Increase your diorama options even further with this handy figure and acc..
1/35 German Field Commander Set
R 220.00
Assembling this set with an additional combination of 1/35MM military figures and vehicles, would..
1/35 German Field Kitchen Scenery
R 207.00
The Wehrmacht was famous for the fact that on the battlefield, everyone, regardless of class ate ..
1/35 German Flak Artillery Crew
R 165.00
This six figure crew is an excellent addition to any 1/35 line up and was specially designed to o..
1/35 German Flakpanzer IV Mobelwagen
R 300.00
The Moebelwagen was essentially a standard Panzer IV hull and chassis with hinged armoured flaps ..
1/35 German Fuel Drum Set
R 91.00
Product Description For the modeller who wants to add ultimate detail to a project this set of sp..
1/35 German Infantry Weapons
R 55.00
An assortment of German WWII weaponry to liven up any diorama.... ..
1/35 German Jagdtiger Early Production
R 826.00
During the later stages of WWII, the heavy tank destroyer Jadgtiger (which weighed in excess of 7..