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1:35 Scale

1:35 Scale

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1/35 2cm Flak Crew with Sd.Ah.51 two-wheeled trailer (4 Figures Set)
R 133.00
These four figures are clad in typical Luftwaffe field blouses, trousers, and wearing marching bo..
1/35 AHN & Flak 37
R 590.00
Product Description The AHN truck was a French-designed vehicle that was taken on and produce..
1/35 Allied Vehicles Accesory Set
R 116.00
This accessory set will allow you to give a different look to your models by adorning the engine ..
1/35 AMD35 (1940)
R 425.00
Product Description This assembly kit recreates the AMD35, a 4-wheeled armoured car deployed ..
1/35 Aufklarungspanzer 38(t) mit 2cm Kw.K.38 ~ Smart Kit
R 398.00
Production of the Luchs (Lynx) tracked armored reconnaissance vehicle ended in January 1944 after..
1/35 Barricade Set
R 54.00
1/35 Barricade Set as per picture ..
1/35 Bell® H-13H® 2'n1 Helicopter
R 375.00
Made for M.A.S.H. missions.( If you remember them...LOL ) The single-engine Bell H-13H was d..
1/35 BMW R75 with Side Car
R 165.00
Product Description The new German army made use of the experiences collected in World War I ..
1/35 Brick Wall
R 60.00
Add to your diorama with this 1 in 35 brick wall set ..
1/35 British 25 Pound Gun and Quad Tractor
R 298.00
1/35 British 25 Pound Gun with Quad Tractor. ..
1/35 British Challenger 1 Mk.3
R 454.00
Product Description About the British MBT Challenger 1 (Mk.3) Great Britain has a long and in..
1/35 British Challenger II Photo Etched Set
R 110.00
Introducing a photo-etched parts set to add extra detail to the 1/35 Challenger 2. Set includes p..
1/35 British Chieftain Mk.V Tank
R 273.00
The Chieftain Tank is one of the best known of the present generation of battlefield weapons, and..
1/35 British Commonwealth Troops (NW Europe 1944)
R 99.00
Still looking for info... ..
1/35 British Light Utility Car 10HP
R 364.00
British forces used passenger car chassis, during WWII, as the basis for pick-up style military v..
1/35 British LRDG Command Car - North Africa with 7 Figures
R 472.00
The LRDG (Long Range Desert Group) was a British unit which served in North Africa during WWII, p..
1/35 British Matilda Mk.III/IV
R 562.00
Product Description At the beginning of 1930, the British army made the decision to produce t..
1/35 British Paratroopers with Bicycles
R 175.00
Product Description During WWII, the British Army needed to provide mobility for paratroopers..
1/35 British SAS Jeep
R 142.00
The SAS is short for the Special Air Service. This was a special service unit organized in 19..
1/35 British Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun Archer
R 703.00
This model assembly kit recreates the British Army’s Archer. As WWII progressed, British troops f..
1/35 Centaur Mk.IV with 95mm Howitzer
R 464.18
Product Description Britain's main cruiser tank in the latter half of WWII was the Cromwell...
1/35 Cromwell Mk.IV Cruiser
R 465.00
Prior to the outbreak of WWII, Britain relied heavily on military alliance with France. It was fe..
1/35 Elco 80 Torpedo Boat PT596
R 1,662.00
During the Second World War the U.S. Navy deployed a large amount of three types of motor torpedo..
1/35 Elco 80 Torpedo Boat PT596  Boat Crew
R 289.00
During the Second World War the U.S. Navy deployed a large amount of three types of motor torpedo..
1/35 German 18 Ton Half-Track FAMO
R 952.00
Product Description Tamiya 1/35 German 18 ton Heavy Half-Track "FAMO" In the wake of Blit..