About Us

About Us

We're a coupla Cape Town Boys, OK, OK!!!... "Aging gents" who've been flying RC to varying degrees of proficiency for a while.

We have experience in Sloping, Glow and Electric RC Flight - both prop and EDF.

Our Heli experience is more limited and we have chosen to limit our invlovlement in this arena for the time being.


If you are new to this fabulous hobby, you should probably be visiting your nearest hobby shop for advice and initial setup/purchase.

Emails will NOT suffice for the kind of help and advice you  will need.


Once you KNOW what you're doing,  THEN it's time to visit us and savour our superior pricing and service.


Many of our products are commercially available directly from Hobbyking.com.

We stock these LOCALLY for you and have taken the risk and delay out of getting an international parcel received in the good old R.S. of A.

HobbyKing have a disclaimer during their checkout process that parcels to us, here in South Africa, are NOT guaranteed to arrive and they will NOT be liable for any problems...


Why take the chance and get involved in all that Foreign Exchange and missing parcel type hassle when we can help you right here and (almost) right now ?!?


What you see on our website IS IN STOCK!!!

We send everything via Courier to your daytime street address, as the SA Post Office is unreliable.


If you want parts from HobbyKing or somewhere else, you let us know and we'll bust a gut to get it for you... email : info@hobbymania.co.za with as much detail about the product as you can – usually a website address (URL) will be best to get us on the right track.


We will be (certainly in the beginning) running the website as a part-time business but if you order an in-stock item today, it WILL be in the lunch-time courier pickup “tomorrow”, where *tomorrow* is a working day.


Happy Landings!!