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Cellmeter 8 Auto Checker 1~8S LiPo Battery Checker and Balancer/Servo Tester
R 255.00
Item Name: CellMeter 8 Discharge Current: 1A Balance Current: 1A Battery Voltage Test..
Clevis Driver (5pcs/bag)
R 62.00
This handy little tool will stop you from breaking your fingers or destroying the clevis with a p..
HobbyKing Cell Key - 6s Lipoly Cell checker
R 74.00
The Hobbyking Cell Key cell checker is a quick and easy way to check your Lipoly batteries before..
Hobbyking Electric Screwdriver
R 227.00
Handy for the workshop or at the field, this reversable electric screwdriver offers 1.5Nm of..
LiPo checker Suitable for batteries:1 - 6
R 89.00
Quick and easy way to check your Lipoly batteries before or after use. Simply conn..
Lipo Voltage Checker (2S~8S)
R 61.00
This Little lipo alarm is a lipo battery saver! Use the little button between the two horns to se..
Magnetic Telescopic Pick-up tool
R 39.00
This extendable magnetic pick-up tool is a great addition to any toolbox. ..
Mr Grippy Soldering Jig
R 218.00
Welcome to the new "best thing ever" for your workbench - The Mr Grippy soldering jig! Mr Gri..
R2 Speedometer for RC Cars
R 306.00
The R2 Speedometer is a car speed recorder designed for RC car hobbyists. It allows the user..
Battery Powered Hot Glue Gun
Remember the last time you were at the field and needed to make a quick repair to your foamy? Thi..
Cellmeter Auto Checker 1~6S LiPo Battery Checker and Balancer
The Auto Checker is a great tool to have in your flight box. It allows you to quickly and easily ..
Digital Vernier Calipers(150mm)
Hobby King Digital Vernier Calipers 150mm  No workshop is complete without a set of vernie..
Hobby King Scale Airport Windsock (rip-stop)
Made from Porcher® UV proof paraglider ripstop nylon. The HobbyKing windsock is lightweight and r..
HobbyKing HK-010 Wattmeter & Voltage Analyser
Hobby King HK-010 is (yet another) compact and accurate wattmeter and power analyz..
HobbyKing Servo Tester
The HobbyKing servo tester is a simple servo testing tool at an extraordinary price! Specs: ..
K-T1 Thrust Meter, Voltmeter and Tacho all in one
Thrust meter, Voltage meter and Tochometer all in one !   Operating Temperature : -2..
Magnetizer / Demagnetizer Tool
This handy tool will magnetize/demagnetize your scredriver heads in an instant. Great for inserti..
Mini Magnetizer / Demagnetizer Tool
Thius is the Mini Magnetiser / Demagnetiser This handy tool will magnetize/demagnetize your s..
Multifunction Electronic Hanging Scale
  Multifunction Electronic Hanging Scales Specs: 50kg/20g (110lb/1oz) Backlit LC..
Portable Electronic Hanging Scale
Portable Electronic Hanging Scale Weight Capacity: 20kg / 10g Measures to 2 decimal place..
Quanum GPS Logger V2 with Backlit LCD Display NEO-6 U-Blox
We have all heard the “fishing stories” out at the field and on the track, “My RC car does 120mph..
Quanum RTR Bomb System 1/6 scale Plug-n-Drop
Ready to drop! The Quanum R/C bomb system can be installed in minutes and is triggered by a spa..
Quanum Spare Bomb for RTR Bomb System
Quanum Spare Bomb for RTR Bomb System   Important. Do not use this product in the ..
Turnigy Mini Anemometer (Wind Meter)
Turnigy Mini Anemometer (Wind Meter)   Features: Wind speed measure in mph, ft/m..
Turnigy Multi-Blade Micro Tachometer
Ever wanted to know how fast your motor is spinning? Wished you could better select the right p..