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Clevis Driver (5pcs/bag)
R 62.00
This handy little tool will stop you from breaking your fingers or destroying the clevis with a p..
Hobbyking Electric Screwdriver
R 227.00
Handy for the workshop or at the field, this reversable electric screwdriver offers 1.5Nm of..
R2 Speedometer for RC Cars
R 306.00
The R2 Speedometer is a car speed recorder designed for RC car hobbyists. It allows the user..
Servo Tester
R 80.00
Specs: Voltage Input: 4.8~6v Test Modes: Manual, Neutral and Auto Connect and tes..
Cellmeter 8 Auto Checker 1~8S LiPo Battery Checker and Balancer/Servo Tester
Item Name: CellMeter 8 Discharge Current: 1A Balance Current: 1A Battery Voltage Test..
G.T.Power 130A High-Precision Watt Meter Power Analyzer
Specification: * Operates from 4.8V to 60V input * 0V with optional auxiliary battery ..
Magnetic Telescopic Pick-up tool
This extendable magnetic pick-up tool is a great addition to any toolbox. ..