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Leads for Charging Battery Packs

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Battery Charge lead with 8 connectors
R 145.00
This charger lead connects to your charger ports and allows conncetion to E2, JST, Deans (t-conne..
Cellmeter 7 Auto Checker 1~7S LiPo Battery Checker and Balancer
R 225.00
RJX 7S Digital Battery Capacity Checker (with Balance Function) ..
Charge lead Deans / Tamiya Plug
R 92.00
Charge lead Deans / Tamiya Plug ..
Deans(T connector) to Male JST
R 30.00
Battery adapter for WL Toys cars or general use ..
E-Flite Charger Plug Adapter THP
R 179.00
Charger Plug Adapter THP..
EV-Peak EFlite Micro Battery Adapter
R 155.00
EV-Peak EFlite Micro Battery Adapter..
JR Charging Socket
R 26.00
JR Charging Socket ..
JR RX Battery Charge Lead
R 25.00
JR RX Battery Charge Lead..
LiPo checker Suitable for batteries:1 - 6
R 89.00
Quick and easy way to check your Lipoly batteries before or after use. Simply conn..
Quattro Lipo 2-6S Charge/Balance board
R 85.00
Quattro Lipo 2-6S Charge/Balance board. ..
Charge Cable w/ Male XT60 <-> 4mm Banana plug
Charge Cable w/ Male XT60 <-> 4mm Banana plug ..
HobbyKing Cell Key - 6s Lipoly Cell checker
The Hobbyking Cell Key cell checker is a quick and easy way to check your Lipoly batteries before..
Hobbyking Parallel charging Board for 6 packs 2~6S (XT60)
You can charge SIX (2~6S) lipo packs with same capacity & cell count simultaneously with this..
Imax B6 Input Voltage Cable
3.5mm to crocodile clips ..
PLUG-KING Multi-19 Mega Charge Plug Adapter Set
The King of all charge leads! If it can not be charged with this, then chances are it does..