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LiFe / Rx Packs

LiFe / Rx Packs

Lithium Ferrite Batteries

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GensAce 1300mah 6.6V 20C Life
R 320.00
FITTED WITH DEANS CONNECTOR code 98P-Life-20C-1300-2S2P Weight (g) 88 capacity (mAh) ..
Hacker Topfuel 600MaH 6.6V 30C
R 300.00
Battery DP 6.6v 600Mah (30c) RX life L - 65mm W - 31mm H - 11mm ..
XPower 1300mah 20C 6.6V LIFE
R 265.00
A 20C  1300mah 6.6V LIFE Battery from XPower. Size L - 60mm W - 30mm H - 25m..
XPower 2000mah 1C 9.9V
R 460.00
A 1C  2000mah 9.9V Battery from XPower.       ..
Xpower 7.4V 2400maH Rx Pack
R 310.00
Cell Count: 2s Voltage: 7.4V Capacity: 2400mAh Length: 85 mm Width: 28 mm Hei..
Zest Tech 2000mah 2C 9.9V
R 445.00
A 2C  2000mah 9.9V Battery from Zest Tech.       ..
Desire Power Life 1600MaH 6.6V 20C
Battery DP 6.6v 1600Mah (20c) RX life L - 92mm W - 43mm H - 11mm ..
Alula Trek 4.8V 300MaH NiMh RX Pack
Includes : 1 x 4.8 Volt 300mAh NiMh Receiver Battery   SIZE L56mm x H18mm x W..
Desire Power Life 850MaH 6.6V 20C
Battery DP 6.6v 850Mah (20c) RX life L - 60mm W - 30mm H - 18mm Weight: 50g ..
Gens Ace Life 1800mah 6.6V 20C
code 98P-Life-20C-1800-2S1P Weight (g) 127 capacity (mAh) 1800 max cont discharge rat..
GensAce 2S1P 2600mAh 7.4v 3C Lipo TX/RX
GensAce 2S1P 2600mAh 7.4v 3C Lipo TX/RX ..
NiMh 2500mah RX Battery Pack
Ni-Mh Battery: 2500Mah 4.8V Ideal Spare for  1:10 Scale Truck/Car/Plane/Glider RX SI..
Turnigy 9XR Safety Protected 11.1v (3s) 2200mAh 1.5C Transmitter Pack
This battery does NOT fit in a Turnigy 9X - it  is designed exclusively for the Turnigy..
XPower 2100mah 20C 6.6V LIFE
A 20C  2100mah 6.6V LIFE Battery from XPower. Size L - 104mm W - 35mm H - 29..
XPower 2100mah 5C 9.9V 3S LIFE
A 5C  2100mah 9.9V 3S LIFE Battery from XPower. Picture is not actual battery  ..
XPower 2250mah 1C 6.6V
A 1C  2250mah 6.6V Battery from XPower. 78mmx40mmx16mm     ..
XPower 850mah 25C 6.6V
A 25C  850mah 6.6V Battery from XPower. ..
Zest Tech 2000mah 5C 6.6V
A 5C  2000mah 6.6V Battery from Zest Tech. Fitted servo plug for rx.   Pic ..
Zest-Tech 1800mAh Life Rx 6.6V Battery
Zest-Tech 1800mAh 2C Life Rx 6.6V Battery Size - 76mmx30mmx18mm Picture is for llustratio..