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Radio Control batteries in all shapes and sizes.


Our Lipo batteries range from 2s to 6s voltages and capacities from 300mah up to 8000mah, which can jump start a jumbo.

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HobbyKing Cell Key - 6s Lipoly Cell checker
R 74.00
The Hobbyking Cell Key cell checker is a quick and easy way to check your Lipoly batteries before..
JST AB Clip 3S (5pcs)
R 30.00
Balance plug Protector, makes it easier to handle removal from chargers. ..
LiPo checker Suitable for batteries:1 - 6
R 89.00
Quick and easy way to check your Lipoly batteries before or after use. Simply conn..
LiPo Safe Bag
R 149.00
Approx. 200mmx240mm LiPo Safe Storage Bag.   ..
LiPo Safe Bag (300mm x 230mm)
R 165.00
Approx. 300mmx230mm LiPo Safe Storage Bag.   ..
LiPo Safe Bag(220mm x180mm)
R 132.00
Approx. 220mmx180mm LiPo Safe Storage Bag.   ..
Lipo Voltage Checker (2S~8S)
R 61.00
This Little lipo alarm is a lipo battery saver! Use the little button between the two horns to se..
Turnigy Battery Charge Marker (10pcs/bag)
We've all done it before, you power up your model with a battery that you were certain was fully ..