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Trainers / Beginners

Trainers / Beginners

Just starting out or looking for a lazy flyer?

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Airline 70
R 1,311.00
Length: 635mm Wingspan: 838 Height: 133mm Surface area: 11dm Weight: 510g &nb..
R 1,514.00
Span: 900mm Wing Area: 15,67dm2 Length: 760mm Motor: 280 INCLUDED (brushed) Weigh..
FMS 900mm Red Dragon Fly (EPO) Trainer PnP
R 2,000.00 R 1,700.00
The aircraft is good choice for beginners - It has sufficient  power and good stability. I..
R 1,489.00
Semi-Scale model of the American plane  Ideal RC models for the beginners to RC Tough bu..
Hacker-Model HotWing 1200mm EP ARF
R 999.00
FEATURES Construction: EPP foam and plywood Wing: Two-piece with foam side force generato..
R/C Ranger 600 Brushed 3channel Glider with battery & USB Charger
R 1,350.00 Features: − Ready-to-run − 6-Axis gyro wi..
Cessna-182 2.4Ghz 3-Channel Plane
Features: - 3-Channel Transmitter equipped with 2.4GHz Spectrum Hopping Technology - Durable ..
Hacker Super Decathlon arf yellow epp
Wing span: 1000 mm Length: 700 mm Ideal RC models for the beginners to RC. Tough but ..
Kit hacker Sbach 342 1200m arf red
Semi-scale high performance model for aerobatic flying. Airplane is made from EPP “almost unb..
Kit Seagull Jumper (140cm) .25-32 Trainer
Winspan ........................ 55 in ........... 139 cm. Wing area ...................... 4..
R/C Super Cub 500 Brushed 3channel Plane with battery & USB Charger
Features: − Ready-to-run − 6-Axis gyro with 3 different settings for beginner, intermedi..
VMAR J3 cub Parkflyer 137cm Span
The Piper Cub, one of the most popular and influential light aircraft ever manufactured, rema..