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Scale & Warbirds

Scale & Warbirds

The epitomy of your childhood fantasy, flying a real warbird. Tearing up the sky and taking down the enemy. Live out that fantasy by treating yourself to one of our warbirds. Live the dream. 

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B-25 Mitchell Bomber EPO 1250mm (PNF)
R 4,338.00
  The North American B-25 Mitchell was a American twin-engined medium bomber manufacture..
Durafly 'Old Crow' P-51D Mustang w/Flaps/Retracts/Lights 1100mm (PNF)
R 4,136.00
Bud Andersons 'Old Crow' Mustang is one of the most recognizable scheme's worn by any P-51 of WW2..
Electrifly Fokker D.VII
R 1,816.00
A FAMOUS WWI FIGHTER -- NOW AN ALL-WOOD ARF. Just like the full-size Fokker D.VII that was the ne..
Electrifly Sopwith Camel Electric ARF
R 1,816.00
Wingspan: 35.5" (900mm) Wing Area: 389 sq. in (25.1 sq dm) Weight: 21.1 -26.3 oz (595 - 7..
F4U Corsair EPO 1000mm (PnP)
R 1,604.00
The F4 Corsair is considered to be one of the most successful carrier-based fighter aircraft to b..
R 3,557.00
The first ever Chinese prop driven RC plane ! The CJ6 is the Chinese Airforce traiiner. Using..
FMS 1400mm A6M Zero Grey PNP (EPO)
R 5,447.00
The A6M Zero was a long-range fighter aircraft operated by the Imperial Japanese Air Service. In ..
FMS 1400mm BF109 PNP (EPO)
R 5,669.00
The Messerschmitt BF109, often called ME 109, was a German World War II fighter aircraft designed..
FMS 1400mm P51D "Old Crow"  - PNP  (EPO)
R 5,447.00
FMS is and will always be committed to developing the best foam aircraft worldwide.The latest ver..
FMS 750mm Tempest PNP (EPO)
R 2,118.00
The Tempest was first introduced in January 1944 and was developed directly from the Typhoon. It ..
FMS 800mm T-28 Trojan PNP (EPO)
R 2,118.00
Designed to replace the aging T-6 Texan, the T-28 Trojan was a piston engine military trainer air..
FMS 980mm P-47 Razorback PNP  (EPO)
R 4,035.00
The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt was the largest, heaviest, and most expensive fight aircraft in his..
Micro 480mm Tiger Moth Kit (PnP)
R 984.00
Specification: Wingspan : 480mm Length : 360mm Flying Weight: 120g Complete With : M..
Micro Me109 EPS Complete Kit
R 690.00
Specification: Wingspan:520mm Length:470mm Flying Weight:90-100g Complete With : Moto..
P-51 Mustang EP (Miss America)
R 1,514.00
This is the P-51 Mustang EP ARF kit. This plane is built up of balsa and plywood. It is c..
PBY Catalina by Electrifly
R 2,623.00
The fast, easy way to enjoy realistic seaplane adventures. Easy-to-assemble seaplane beats th..
Ready to Fly Tiger Moth 560mm (200 Class) *** Free battery offer ***
R 1,582.00
Starting stock of 7 - First 4 Customers get a 420 mAh battery for FREE... The Tiger Moth trai..
S.E.5a Slow Flyer 250
R 1,513.00
The S.E.5a was a fast, maneuverable WWI fighter plane and together with the Sopwith Camel, the S...
ST Models Fairchild PT-19 ARF
R 1,069.00
Specification Wing Span - 910mm Wing Area - 14.5dm/2 Length - 650mm Weight - 280-340g Motor - 3..
A6M5 Zero 300 BNF Basic
Features :     Authentic scale detail, interior and near-perfect outline  ..
A6M5 Zero 300 Propellers (2)
    Prop Size: 7 x 6 (2 pack)      ..
Durafly Curtiss P-40N Warhawk 1100mm (PNF)
The Curtiss P-40 was one of the most widely used fighters of WW2 seeing more combat in more theat..
Durafly™ Spitfire Mk5 1100mm (PnF) Desert Scheme
The Supermarine Spitfire is THE defining aircraft of World War 2 and following on from the Mk1a t..
E-flite Fokker DVII Slow Flyer 250 ARF
Overview : Loved by the pilots who flew it and feared by those who flew against it, the Fokker ..
FMS 1100mm Hawker Typhoon PNP (EPO) Flaps and Retracts
The Hawker Typhoon, was a British single-seat fighter-bomber, produced by Hawk..