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Other Flying Things

Other Flying Things

Flying things with different characteristics...

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Art-Tech "Chuckie" Gliders
R 89.00
Hand launched , non Powered Gliders. Choose either the X18 or the X22...Please see attached p..
C-Ray 180 PNP
R 1,171.00
Features :     Fully assembled and hinged with control horns and pushrods &nbs..
Dancing wings EPP Flying Eagle Kit ( PnP )
R 1,785.00
Specification: Wingspan : 1430mm Length : 760mm Flying Weight: 550-580g Complete With ..
Durafly Auto-G2 Gyrocopter w/Auto-Start System 821mm (PNF)
R 2,925.00
A new take on one of Durafly's most beloved models! The Durafly Auto-G took the R/C world by..
EPO Paper Plane
R 801.00
Bring back your school memories of paper aeropolanes...THEN... upgrade them to the 21st century !..
FMS 675mm High Speed Swift  (EPO)
R 2,622.00 R 2,229.00
The Swift has been clocked at 85mph using a pocket radar using an OLD LiPo with high IR during th..
Hand Launch Glider (480mm) Chuckie
R 115.00
Made from High Quality EPP, these little guys are tough and fly up to 30 meters ! Features: ..
Micro Seawind EPO
R 1,620.00
Specification: Wingspan:800mm Length:675mm Flying Weight:330g Compete With : Motor:C2..
Windrider Mini Bee Flying Wing
R 1,110.00
Molded 1pc EPP 34.5" Micro Combat wing from Windrider Aviation. Specifications: Wingspan:..
The Von Stik - Micro Slow Stick (RTF Mode 2) Park Flyer
Are you ready to be the Red Baron of your local park?  Well with the f..
Zulu EPO - Kit - 1500mm Slope Soarer
How can I explain the Zulu? First I should tell you this is a glider that has some very uniqu..