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Powered Gliders and Slope Soarers

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Aura (Blejzyk Gliders) 3000mm
R 7,241.00 R 3,980.00
Straight dihedral and flap-ailerons. It can be turned into a motor glider.   NH3..
Harpia (Blejzyk Gliders) 2800mm
R 4,711.00 R 2,595.00
F3B/F3F class model with straight dihedral, ailerons and flaps. Hand Launch or electrical drive w..
1400mm SkySurfer X8 EPO Glider Kit
Description: General Brand Name: X-UAV Item Name: Sky Surfer X8 Kit Material: Durable..
DreamFlight Alula TREK
DESIGNED TO GO WHEREVER INSPIRATION TAKES YOU! The alula-TREK is the latest version of the the..
Phoenix 2000 V2 – 2 meter sport glider (759-2) PnP
Wingspan: 2000mm Overall Length: 1132mm Flying Weight(without battery): 1000g Prop Si..
Wraith-1200 Composite V-Tail Slope Soarer 1200mm (ARF)
The Wraith 1200 is one of a devilishly good range of exclusive Hobbyking Performance gliders that..