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660mm Quadcopter Kit - Plywood Construction
R 2,161.00 R 1,800.00
Complete Kit of a 660mm ply-wood Quadcopter. Includes : Motors : 4x 2826 1100KV ESC :..
Assault Reaper 500 Collective Pitch 3D Quadcopter (Mode 2) (Ready to Fly)
R 8,499.00
Looking for a  multi-rotor model that breaks all the rules? The Reaper 500 is a fully 3..
Hercules 500mm QuadCopter (KIT)
R 895.00
Hercules, the Greek immortal, was known for his strength and numerous far-ranging adventures. A n..
HobbyKing FPV250 Quad Copter A Mini Sized FPV Multi-Rotor (kit)
R 280.00
Introducing the HobbyKing FPV250 quad copter, a mini sized quad copter with big FPV capability.&n..
Hobbyking X525 V3 Glass Fiber Quadcopter Frame 600mm
R 520.00
The Hobbyking X525 V3 quadcopter frame has arrived! The Hobbyking X525 quadcopte..
Quadcopter 490mm
R 2,503.00
The Climber 301 is a 490mm diameter quadcopter. This item comes with the frame and landing sk..
Tricopter Kit with Motors : 550 mm
R 958.00
550 mm Plywood Tricopter Kit with 3 x 2826 1100KV motors.     ..
Turnigy Talon Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Frame (V1)
R 718.00
If your looking for a high end, no compromise quadcopter frame with looks that could kill, the Ta..
V262 Quadcopter (AR Drone Clone)
R 1,682.00
Ready To Fly V262 Quadcopter from WL Toys. Includes : V262 quadcopter A V222/ V959 styled..
Hobbyking X900 Tricopter Glass Fiber Multi-Rotor Frame
Designed from the ground-up by the HobbyKing engineering team, the X900 Tricopter is a culmi..
Hobbyking Y650 Scorpion Glass Fiber Multi-Rotor Frame 650mm
The Hobbyking Y650 Scorpion multi-rotor frame is a high quality glass fiber frame ..
Quadcopter 520mm
The Climber 401 is a 520mm diameter quadcopter. This item comes with the frame and landing sk..
Quadcopter Controller Board
1xQuadcopterpower Distribution Board. 1x KK Board(Clone) with V2.5 firmware. 4x servo ext..
Turnigy Talon Quadcopter (V2.0) Carbon Fiber Frame 550mm
The Turnigy Talon V2 Quadcopter frame is a crafted from high quality genuine carbon fiber offerin..
X-4 FPV Fiberglass Quadcopter Frame 485mm
Just when you thought that all multi-rotor frames looked the same...the X-4 FPV appeared on the s..
Y-3 Fiberglass Tri-Copter Frame (KIT)
Looking for something new in the multi-rotor world? Well here it is! Just when you thought t..
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