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Prop Adapters

Prop Adapters

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2.0mm Prop Adapter
R 43.00
1x 2.0mm Prop Adapter. ..
2.3mm Prop Adapter
R 41.00
1x 2.3mm Prop Adapter. ..
3.0mm Prop Adapter
R 38.00
1x3.0mm Prop Adapter. ..
3.17mm Prop Adapter
R 64.00
1x 3.17mm Prop Adapter. ..
4mm Prop Adapter
R 63.00
1x 4mm Prop Adapter. ..
5.0mm Prop Adapter
R 80.00
1x 5.0mm Prop Adapter. ..
6.0mm Prop Adapter
R 96.00
1x 6.0mm Prop Adapter. ..
Sky Climber Spare Propeller Mounting Shaft
Rerplacement Propeller Mounting Shaft for the Nine Eagles Sky Climber ..
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