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Hinges & Horns

Hinges & Horns

Hinges, Horns, Wing Skids, etc...

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10 mm Clear Plastic Horn (10 pcs)
R 21.00
10 mm Clear Plastic Horn (10 pcs per packet) ..
10mm Clear Plastic Horn (10 pcs)
R 40.00
10mm Clear Plastic Horn (10 pcs per packet) ..
14mm Clear Plastic Horn (10 pcs)
R 35.00
14mm Clear Plastic Horn (10pcs/packet) ..
8mm Clear  Nylon Horn (10pcs)
R 35.00
8mm Clear Nylon Horn (10pcs per packet) ..
8mm Wide Micro Plastic Hinge (10 pcs)
R 35.00
8mm Clear Plastic Hinge (10 pcs per packet). Note : These will require 'working-in'. ..
AC Hinge D15*H0.3 (10pcs/set)
R 25.00
A simple yet strong way to make hunges! Cut a slot with your hobby knife, insert the hinge an..
AC Hinge L20*W15*H0.3 (10pcs)
R 16.00
AC Hinge L20*W15*H0.3 (10pcs) ..
AC Hinge L25*W20*H0.3 (10pcs)
R 16.00
AC Hinge L25*W20*H0.3 (10pcs) ..
Aileron-horn Low-Profile 18x16x1mm (4pcs/set)
R 18.00
Aileron-horn 18x16x1mm (4pcs/set) Ultra low profile and great for gluing to epo/epp flat form p..
Black Nylon Clevises (M3)
R 42.00
Nylon Clevis M3 Size Length 27mm ..
CA Hinges (10 per pack)
R 9.00
Pack of 10 CA Hinges ..
Canopy Lock Latch (2pc)
R 30.00
This is a very neat device for securing your models hatches. This latch is spring loaded so once ..
Control Horns 13.5x16mm (10pcs)
R 28.00
Control Horns 13.5x16mm (10pcs) ..
Control Horns 16.5x20mm
R 3.50
ONE Control Horn. Size : 16.5 x 20mm ..
Control Horns 16x20mm (10pcs)
R 27.00
Control Horns 16x20mm (10pcs) ..
Control Horns 20 x 28.5mm
R 3.50
ONE Control Horn. Size : 20 x 28.5mm ..
Control Horns 20x28.5mm (10pcs/set)
R 24.00
Control Horns 20x28.5mm (10pcs/set)   ..
Control Rod Window L38xH4.5mm (10pcs)
R 40.00
Control Rod Window L38xH4.5mm (10pcs) ..
Futaba/JR Connector caps (5pcs/set)
R 32.00
A great way to hold your servo plugs in place. Great for servo extensions, especially thos..
Grey Pom Horns 20x27mm (10pcs/set)
R 23.00
Gray Pom Horns 20x27mm (10pcs/set) ..
Heavy Duty Nylon Clevises 23×12.5×10mm (5pc)
R 35.00
Specs: Material: Plastic Dimensions: 23 × 12.5 × 10mm Weight: 2g (each) ..
Landing Gear Wire Support Bracket (Small) (10 pcs)
R 35.00
Small Landing Gear Wire Support Bracket (10 pcs) ..
Large Nylon Clevis (2x29mm) 5 pcs
R 18.00
Pack of 5 small Nylon Clevises. Size : 2mm x 29mm ..
Medium Size Clevis (10Pcs)
R 21.00
Medium Size Clevis - 10Pcs per packet ..
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