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Buzzers, LMA's, solder, just ELECTRONIC related stuff...

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12v  4.5A UBEC Pro
R 132.00
Size : 40 x 25 x 9mm Weight : 12g Output : 12V @4.5A Input : 2-5 Cell Lipo (7.2 - 21 ..
7.2V 3A UBEC
R 88.00
Weight : 12g Output : 7.2V @3.0A Input : 2-5 Cell Lipo (7.2 - 21 Volts) ..
Adjustable Output UBEC
R 101.00
Specification: Input : 7.2 to 21 Volts Output : 5.0V, 6.0V or 7.2 Volts at 5Amps - see pictur..
Clip On Soft Ferrite Rings (5pc)
R 42.00
Clip On Soft Ferrite Rings (5pc) - Ferrite EMI damper rings, ideal for UBECs, ESCs, servo le..
Dr. Mad Thrust Electronic On/Off Switch
R 165.00
This small lightweight electronic switch is extremely handy for switching on and off auxillary fu..
Hobby King Discovery Buzzer
R 83.00
Plug it in to a spare channel on your receiver and the Buzzer can be activated by a switch on you..
HobbyKing HK-010 Wattmeter & Voltage Analyser
R 599.00
Hobby King HK-010 is (yet another) compact and accurate wattmeter and power analyz..
HobbyKing™ Lipo Voltage Checker (2S~8S)
R 76.00
The Hobbyking 2S-8S Cell Checker with low voltage alarm features loud twin piezo alarms to notify..
HobbyKing™ Lipoly Low Voltage Alarm (2s~6s)
R 80.00
Simple to use Lipoly low voltage alarm that is small and light for on board use, plugs into balan..
K-T1 Thrust Meter, Voltmeter and Tacho all in one
R 225.00
Thrust meter, Voltage meter and Tochometer all in one !   Operating Temperature : -2..
Lightweight PWM Signal Reverser
R 86.00
A very light weight and compact Signal Reverser. Weight :  1gram ..
On Board Lipoly Low Voltage Alarm (2s~4s)
R 63.00
Simple to use Lipoly low voltage alarm that is small and light for on board use, plugs ..
On-Board Lipoly Low Voltage Alarm 3s~8s
R 75.00
Simple to use Lipoly low voltage alarm that is small and light weight for on board use...
Receiver Switch (3 plug)
R 70.00
3 Plug Receiver Switch ..
Screamy Lost Model Alarm With Battery Backup And Low Voltage Alarm
R 460.00
  If you've ever lost a plane or a quadcopter, you know how frustrating it is to look fo..
Solder Wire 1mm/3m
R 50.00
Solder Wire 1mm/3m - 17g,  63% Tin Content ..
Turnigy 3A UBEC with Low Voltage Buzzer
R 105.00
Designed and manufactured by HobbyKing, this handy UBEC features a built in safety buzzer to warn..
Turnigy 7 in 1 Mega Meter
R 949.00
  Turnigy 7 in 1 Mega Meter - Battery Checker/Watt Meter/Servo Tester/Optical Tacho/Temp..
Turnigy Be Found Lost Model Beeper
R 49.00
This Handy unit will emit a loud beep if your reciever loses radio signal or when the vol..
Turnigy R/C LED Lighting System
R 315.00
  Turnigy R/C LED Lighting System, easy to use on scale lighting set suittable for 30-60..
Turnigy Receiver Controlled Switch
R 191.00
Plug it into your receiver and you instantly have an on/off switch controlled by any channel on y..
Turnigy TX Controlled Relay Switch
R 183.00
Turnigy TX Controlled Relay Switch A nice little relay switch controlled by a spare auxiliary..
TURNIGY Ultra Small V-Tail Mixer
R 93.00
An advanced electronic servo mixer for Flying Wings and V-tail gliders and planes. Extremely ea..
TURNIGY Voltage Protector
R 52.00
The Turnigy Voltage Protector helps prevent your receiver from dropping below its required operat..
UBEC with Adjustable Voltage via Transmitter
R 416.00
This is like having gears availble...from your transmitter! Take a helicopter as an example : ..
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