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Leads for Charging Battery Packs

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HobbyKing Cell Key - 6s Lipoly Cell checker
R 74.00
The Hobbyking Cell Key cell checker is a quick and easy way to check your Lipoly batteries before..
Hobbyking Parallel charging Board for 6 packs 2~6S (XT60)
R 299.00
You can charge SIX (2~6S) lipo packs with same capacity & cell count simultaneously with this..
iMAX Software Kit
R 178.00
iMAX Software Kit. Includes USB cable, adapter and software. Enables real time monitoring o..
Battery Charge lead with 8 connectors
Battery Charge lead with 8 connectors Included Plug Types : JST ,  Deans (T-Plug) , ..
Battery Charge lead with 8 connectors
This charger lead connects to your charger ports and allows conncetion to E2, JST, Deans (t-conne..
Car Cigarette Lighter Adapter for Battery Chargers
Car cigarette lighter adapter for 12v chargers. Adapter includes two size 12v plugs and will fi..
Charging Harness
Charging harness. To suit most chargers, including Accucell, iMAX, Bantam etc. Adapters pro..
Imax B6 Input Voltage Cable
3.5mm to crocodile clips ..
PLUG-KING Multi-19 Mega Charge Plug Adapter Set
The King of all charge leads! If it can not be charged with this, then chances are it does..
Quattro 4x6S Charge/Balance board
Quattro 4x6S Charge/Balance board. ..
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