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LiFe / Rx Packs

LiFe / Rx Packs

Lithium Ferrite Batteries

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Turnigy 1450mAh 3S 11.1v Transmitter Lipoly
R 339.00
The T1450TX-3 lipo pack is an excellent replacement in radios which used 8 x AA cells in flat..
XPower 2250mah 1C 6.6V
R 322.00
A 1C  2250mah 6.6V Battery from XPower. 78mmx40mmx16mm     ..
Zest-Tech 1800mAh Life Rx 6.6V Battery
R 270.00
Zest-Tech 1800mAh 2C Life Rx 6.6V Battery Size - 76mmx30mmx18mm Picture is for llustratio..
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