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Balsa Build-up Kits

Balsa Build-up Kits

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Aeromax Micro Indoor Balsa Airplane 400mm Kit w/Motor
R 879.00
Here's a unique laser cut balsa kit for modellers that enjoy crafting their models the traditiona..
EP SE5A Comprehensive Kit (ARF) 378mm Wingspan
R 885.00
A Balsa build it yourseslf kit WITH Motor, Speed Controller and 2 Servos Specs : Wingspan ..
HobbyKing™ Guppy Mini Slope Glider Balsa 1165mm (KIT)
R 1,199.00
The HobbyKing™ Guppy Mini Slope is a great model for those looking to get into slope soaring! Eur..
Mini Stick BALSA - Complete Kit
R 1,039.00
The Mini Stick is a balsawood park flyer that ticks all the right boxes : Quality construction, q..
DH82a Tiger Moth Biplane 1400mm Laser Cut Balsa Kit
There are a few aircraft in the history of powered flight that truly deserve to be called "classi..
EP & GP Sopwith Camel  Balsa KIT (1.5M )
A Balsa build it yourseslf kit Specs : Wingspan : 1520mm Length : 1020mm Flying Weight..
EP Stick Balsa KIT  (1.0M)
A Balsa build it yourseslf kit Specs : Wingspan : 1060mm Length : 780mm Flying Weight ..
J-3 Laser Cut Kit 1180mm inc glazing/cowl (KIT)
This J-3 is a fun build laser cut traditional builders kit of a semi-scale Cub with full fou..
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