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Other Flying Things

Other Flying Things

Flying things with different characteristics...

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Art-Tech "Chuckie" Gliders
R 89.00
Hand launched , non Powered Gliders. Choose either the X18 or the X22...Please see attached p..
C-Ray 180 PNP
R 1,160.00
Features :     Fully assembled and hinged with control horns and pushrods &nbs..
Durafly Auto-G2 Gyrocopter w/Auto-Start System 821mm (PNF)
R 2,899.00
A new take on one of Durafly's most beloved models! The Durafly Auto-G took the R/C world by..
Durafly HyperBipe 900mm EPO (PNF)
R 3,395.00
Believe the hype, the Durafly® ™ HyperBipe is here! Everybody loves a biplane and with its vivid ..
Durafly® ™ Tundra 1300mm Sports Model w/Flaps (PnP)
R 4,495.00
From the beginner pilot to the experienced flier this plane will do it all. The Tundra is an extr..
Durafly™ EFX Racer High Performance Sports Model (PnF) - Yellow Version
R 3,700.00
HobbyKing Comments : The Durafly EFX Racer has been designed from the ground up to offer the ..
Dynam Smart Pattern and Aerobatic Trainer 1500mm PNP (EPO)
R 3,450.00
The Dynam Smart trainer was designed from the ground up with the intention of creating a plane wi..
EPO Paper Plane
R 793.00
Bring back your school memories of paper aeropolanes...THEN... upgrade them to the 21st century !..
EPP Flying Eagle Kit ( PnP )
R 1,769.00
Specification: Wingspan : 1430mm Length : 760mm Flying Weight: 550-580g Complete With ..
Hand Launch Glider (470mm)
R 199.00
Made from High Quality EPP, these little guys are tough and fly up to 30 meters ! Features: ..
Hand Launch Mini Glider (310mm)
R 115.00
Made from High Quality EPP, these little guys are tough and fly well ! Available in the Orang..
HobbyKing Paraglider Parafoil 2.15m
R 499.00
Made from Porcher® UV proof paraglider ripstop nylon. The HobbyKing Paraglider Parachute is ..
Micro Seawind EPO
R 1,605.00
Specification: Wingspan:800mm Length:675mm Flying Weight:330g Compete With : Motor:C2..
The Von Stik - Micro Slow Stick (RTF Mode 2) Park Flyer
R 1,350.00
Are you ready to be the Red Baron of your local park?  Well with the f..
X-1 Mini Flying Wing EPO 600mm (ARF)
R 999.00
A fast, fun flying wing that is quick to build, fast, and inexpensive? The X-1 flying wing arrive..
675mm High Speed Swift  (EPO)
The Swift has been clocked at 85mph using a pocket radar using an OLD LiPo with high IR during th..
Durafly SkyMule Twin FPV Sports Model EPO 1500mm (PNF)
Looking for a model that can handle anything you throw at it and keeps coming back for more? Intr..
Durafly™ EFX Racer High Performance Sports Model (PnF) - Red Edition
HobbyKing Comments : The Durafly EFX Racer has been designed from the ground up to offer the ..
Durafly™ Me-163 Komet 950mm High Performance Rocket Fighter (PNF)
The German Me-163 Komet was the worlds first and only rocket powered fighter. Designed as a rapid..
Durafly™ Retro Series - Das UglyStik Electric Sports Model EPO 1100mm (PNF)
Take a look at the Durafly™ Das UglyStik.... Now take a closer look. Enjoy fooling your frien..
HobbyKing BelaTrike 2.15m Alloy Gondola COMPLETE Kit
We have created the complete kit from HobbyKing recommended products - IGNORE the pictures - ther..
Hobbyking Radjet 420 Micro Pusher Jet 420mm (PNF)
There is plenty of rad in the RadJet-420! This brilliant Micro model has no trouble earning the R..
Hobbyking Radjet Ultra 100MPH Airplane 790mm (PNF)
Are you looking for extreme speed right out of the box? If so, we've got you covered. The 100+MPH..
HobbyKing Skipper All Terrain Airplane EPO 700mm (PNF)
Quite possibly the most fun plane ever...the Hobbyking Skipper! Capable of taking off from..
HobbyKing™ Skipper XL All Terrain Airplane EPO 864mm (PNF)
Does size matter? Well, we don't know either, but the HobbyKing™ Skipper just got bigger! ..
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