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Powered Gliders and Slope Soarers

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10x6 Replacement Propellor set
R 75.00
Replacement 10 x 6 Folding Propellor set for VolantexRC 2600mm ASW28 Motor Glider or for the Phoe..
1400mm SkySurfer EPO PnP Glider
R 2,066.00
Description: General Brand Name: X-UAV Item Name: Sky Surfer Material: Durable EPO ..
Aura (Blejzyk Gliders) 3000mm
R 7,177.00 R 6,279.00
Straight dihedral and flap-ailerons. It can be turned into a motor glider.   NH3..
Brolga 2m Glider Balsa Wood KIT
R 1,200.00
Pacific Balsa 2m Glider for Thermal, Slope or Powered Flight. Includes : Plans Pre Formed..
First+ (Blejzyk Gliders) 2000mm
R 2,775.00 R 2,428.00
Standard two meters long model with straight dihedral and ailerons. It is possible to use ele..
FPV Ranger EX 1980mm Brushless EPO (PnP)
R 3,650.00
  The Ranger EX is specially designed for Long Range FPV. It has ..
FPV Ranger EX 1980mm Brushless EPO KIT
R 2,450.00
The NO electronics  or motor version of our most popular FPV platform... The Ra..
Hammer (Blejzyk Gliders) 2400mm
R 3,365.00 R 2,944.00
F3F class model with straight dihedral, ailerons and flaps. Thanks to big wings surface it is ide..
Harpia (Blejzyk Gliders) 2800mm
R 4,669.00
F3B/F3F class model with straight dihedral, ailerons and flaps. Hand Launch or electrical drive w..
HobbyKing Hall Cherokee Glider 1700mm (PNF)
R 2,769.00
The Hall Cherokee is a high-wing, single seat glider that was designed by American Stan Hall in 1..
HobbyKing™ Guppy Mini Slope Glider Balsa 1165mm (KIT)
R 1,199.00
The HobbyKing™ Guppy Mini Slope is a great model for those looking to get into slope soaring! Eur..
Nine Eagles Sky Climber
R 4,099.00
Completely ready to fly out the box,  the new and revised Sky Climber incorporates a 3-axis ..
Phoenix 2000 EPO Composite R/C Glider (Plug & Fly)
R 2,749.00
HobbyMania's Best selling plane to-date ! NOTE: Some peoplpe have reported that the elevator ..
Replacement Horizontail Tail : Art-Tech Diamond 1800mm Glider
R 171.00
One Replacement Horizontail Tail for the Art-Tech Diamond 1800mm Glider. ..
1500mm Moa  EPO PNP Glider
As the newest addition to the FMS line, with a wingspan of 1500mm, this mid-sized glider is ideal..
2300mm Fox  EPO PNP Glider
This is the V2 version WITH flaps The MDM 1 Fox is a composite unlimited aerobatic glider. At..
ASW28 2600mm Glider (PnP) with Flaps
Brushless PNP. International Product Code : TW-759-1 WingSpan : 2600mm Length : 1132m..
Dream Flight's Alula TREK
DESIGNED TO GO WHEREVER INSPIRATION TAKES YOU! The alula-TREK is the latest version of the the..
Durafly Zephyr V-70 EDF V-Tail Glider (PNF)
The amazing Durafly Zephyr V-70 is one of the most eagerly anticipated models of the year and wit..
FPV Raptor 1600mm Brushless EPO (PnP)
Brushless PNP. International Product Code : TW-757 WingSpan : 1600mm Length : 1044mm ..
FPV Raptor V2 2000mm Brushless EPO (PnP)
Brushless PNP. International Product Code : TW-757-V2 WingSpan : 2000mm with flaps ! L..
Hobbyking Radjet 420 Micro Pusher Jet 420mm (PNF)
There is plenty of rad in the RadJet-420! This brilliant Micro model has no trouble earning the R..
HobbyKing™ Bix3 Trainer/FPV EPO 1550mm (PNF)
Now in its third generation, HobbyKing™ brings you the Bix3, the ultimate training airplane and F..
LS8-18 EPO 4 Channel Glider PnP (2000mm WingSpan)
Features : * Completely factory assembled, fuselage / main wing with pre-installed electronics ..
Phoenix 1600 EPO Composite R/C Glider (KIT)
The ideal beginner’s choice when learning to fly with an instructor Quick, easy assembly, no gl..
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