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Aircraft - Glow / Gas

Aircraft - Glow / Gas

FUEL powered planes...yeah baby....

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Hustler MK3 Pacific Balsa KIT
R 1,600.00
Length : 1150mm Wingspan : 1550mm Wing Area : 0.434 sq m Weight : 2250 - 2400g In..
Lanier ARF Javelin
R 1,500.00
.19-.40 size ic motor required 50' wingspan 4 channel radio required Vacuum formed plastic fusela..
Lanier ARF Sea Bird
R 2,150.00
FEATURES: Construction: Vacuum formed ABS fuselage. Wings: Molded styrofoam core, one pie..
P-40 Warhawk ARF 60 Size
R 2,600.00
Power Class: Glow (.60 - .89) Class: Standard Category: Scale | Warbird Flying Skill:..
PT-20 Ryan ARF
R 2,850.00
Length 1180mm Wingspan 1640mm Wing Area Weight 2800g Engine 2-cycle 40~..
Seagull Models Extra 260 ARF
R 3,999.00
Wingspan - 70.9ins (182cm) Wing area - 967sq.ins ( Length - 64ins (163.5cm) ..
Seagull Nemesis 40-46 or electric ARF
R 3,100.00
Key Features Sport scale version of the famous racing airplane A motor mount, battery mount ..
Super Sportster .60 balsa Build Kit  1,55m wingspan
R 2,999.00
The Super Sportster 60 is Very Stable at Slow Speed, But Move the Center of Gravity Forward and I..
Tempo 40 size Glow Balsa Trainer (1570mm)
R 1,699.00
A perfect starter ARF that required your 40 size engine, flight battery, servos, radio gear and a..
Ultracote Cub Yellow
R 330.00
Cub Yellow Covering film 200cmx60cm Multi-Temp Thermal Shrink Covering ..
Ultracote Silver
R 330.00
Silver Covering film 200cmx60cm Multi-Temp Thermal Shrink Covering ..
Windrider EPP Fox
R 1,450.00
ARF Wingspan 66" 1.68 m Wing Area 310 in² 20.0 dm² Flying Weight 17.3 oz. 490 g W..
Windrider Mini Bee Flying Wing
R 1,100.00
Molded 1pc EPP 34.5" Micro Combat wing from Windrider Aviation. Kit Specifications: Wings..
Yak 54 ARF 1425mm W/span
R 3,100.00
This is the radio controlled, glow or electric powered, almost-ready-to-fly Yak 54 .46 scale Aero..
Ultracote Light Grey
Light Grey Covering film 200cmx60cm Multi-Temp Thermal Shrink Covering ..
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